Dr Jeni Millard: “To the South Pole!” WEDNESDAY, 20th December 2023, 7pm start
This meeting will be held at the Bridgend Tennis, Squash and Bowls Club with ample parking at Bridgend Recreation Centre

Welcome to Bridgend Astronomical Society – Est. 1981

We are a growing and enthusiastic society of 100+ members who share a common passion and curious wonderment for our amazing night skies. We meet each month, with guest speakers and club members giving talks on various subjects followed by Q&As.

We have a large following on Facebook with over 2000+ page members.

B.A.S. is a friendly society. Some of us are keen observers, some are quite content just to attend our interesting monthly meetings. We accommodate people of all ages and abilities.

We also offer a number of courses to our members through the year – these may include Astronomy for Beginners, Astrobiology, Cosmology and others. Membership forms can be found in the membership section.

BAS online shop is now open, items include jackets, gloves, hoodies and polo shirts, visit our shop here.

Check our Facebook pages for general information, events, dates and times. Weather permitting, we hold observation sessions for members at our local dark sky site. Club members can bring their own telescopes or binoculars or make use of equipment provided by the club. We may also run some ‘public’ observing sessions during the year.

We have access to a good, dark, and secure observing site. Society members come from all walks of life with wide ranging levels of knowledge and experiences and we welcome anyone with a genuine interest in astronomy. Beginners are especially welcome, no experience or telescope necessary! We will assist all members to use their telescopes as effectively as possible.

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Images by members of Bridgend Astronomical Society of comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) July 2020